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Metin Kutusu: About Us

GEXPORTER, a Turkey-based company, draws from its strong historical roots that span over centuries of co-operation between Europe, Asia, Africa and USA. This rich history provides the perfect platform to continue and strengthen the tradition of trade between Turkey and the rest of the world.

No project is too big or too small for us to handle. Our team will work with you finding partnership opportunities, logistics and export.


GEXPORTER and its staff strives to conduct all business with partners and clients with the highest of standards.


With our head-office located in Istanbul, Turkey, our team of professionals is ready to assist clients in all areas of advice, training and guidance, countrywide.

Metin Kutusu: History
Metin Kutusu: Brands
Metin Kutusu: Mission and Vision
Metin Kutusu: Our Values
Metin Kutusu: Social

We started to work for plastic industry in 1982. Due to huge demand of plastic toys, kitchen accesories and plastic baskets for any purpose; we decided to establish our factory in Istanbul in 1985.


Now we have a wide portfolio in plastic market thus gave us power to improve also in Wood and Cardboard markets,


Our intention is to have a second factory for Wood products in Istanbul. This will be announced very soon.


In our new organization chart; our two factories will be managed by our kids as our family’s third generation. Leading will be by Mr.CK and by Mr.EA.


Will be added soon...

As GEXPORTER, we have a vision of customer oriented approach to reach the position of one of the 'Leading Producer” in our area

GEXPORTER has been consistently allocating resources to R & D activities in order to achieve a competitive structure on an international level and to produce high quality products; aims to provide the best service to its customers by combining its prefessional experience with our qualified teams.

We believe its good to offer to our customers;


- Continuous Communication,

- Endless Solution,

- Excellent Cooperation

- Maximum Satisfaction.


We are aware; “This made us successful since 1982”.

We are sure the importance of institutions’ having actions that protect their general interests as well as their concerns. For this reason we as GEXPORTER team, closely monitor the work done for the developing world and the future of the growing societies.

We aim to reduce the consumptions, manage the waste and carry out activities in accordance with environmental management systems that provide effective logistic management. 

We encourage our employees to make decisions about their operations and to act with the awareness of environmental responsibility while carrying out the activities, and strive for creating environmental awareness and ensure that all these activities are conducted in a friendly manner with nature.